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  • Susan Sprague

    Girl, YOU ARE THE BOMB!!! I’m old, disabled and poor, so get in lots of reading time–BEST BOOK I’ve read in a long, long while. THANK YOU!!!

  • Yvonne Murphy

    Caitlin Moran is cordially invited to THINGS BEGINNING WITH M which opens in one of your favourite places – Aberystwyth – on 18 Oct and then tours Wales and closes at the Arcola Tent in London on 4 & 5 Nov. Muffs, Marriage, Money, Media, Misogyny, Melons, Makeovers, Mistakes, Men, Mothers & Maps. Our MC will guide you as we explore how women tell each other their stories & share their information, facts, truths, old wives tales and secrets. Comedy, Theatre, Visual Art and Real women’s stories and testimonies…Things Beginning with M…it’s gonna be a long list….

  • lindsay

    Caitlin, I wanted too thank you. My friend bought me How to be a woman earlier this year and it was an amazing read. I’d had a rough trot after the breakdown of my marriage and your book totally cheered me up, helped clear my head. cheers love!

  • Samantha Wallker

    Speak up for me Caitlin please!! I wanna change the world of yoga by including as many inflexible non dancer, non ex gymnast, ‘normal’ blokes and women out there to do yoga without the bullshit stereotypical image that may deter them form doing it!

  • ken hunter

    Brave and pertinent words from Caitlin on “Custom & Tradition in Times.Keep banging at it Caitlin

  • Donna Unitt

    Read both Caitins books in sunny Cyprus while on holiday loved them made me laugh out loud. As a Wolverhampton girl the references to local area was very funny

  • Madelaine

    I owe Caitlin so much. Last Christmas I wrote a very stroppy rant/column on Robin (the) Thicke and her fabulous book has kept me up ever since. You really gave me hope as a writer and an insane-abnormal-young woman. How to be a Woman has made me realise I’m not the only one who thinks it’s still okay to rant.

  • Nin

    Am I being a total Luddite? Where are all these blogs I must read? coo-eeee