Am I A Feminist? by Leena Normington

Leena Normington is an influential 24-year-old vlogger from Coventry who is based in London. She has over 19,000 subscribers on YouTube and over 863,700 views on her channel, JustKissMyFrog.

Leena vlogs about feminism and gender politics (her 25 videos on the subject have amassed over 100,000 views ). She also makes videos about books, life and other things, all in a humorous, insightful and idiosyncratic style.

How to Be a Woman is one of her favourite books and she included it as being the most influential book she had read in her response to  ‘The Ladies Survey 2013’ (a viral video survey people take on YouTube which is about women and the internet created by Rosianna Halse Rojas).

By day Leena works as Publicity & Digital Sales Executive at Icon Books; by night she is JustKissMyFrog.

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In which I debate the difference between being BEHIND a cause and BEING a cause. And what the possible implications of that could be as we go forward.

Lately we’ve been lucky enough to witness the beginnings of feminism becoming fashionable. The resurgence has seen the rise of stellar TV shows showcasing complex female leads (Orange is the New Black and Lena Dunham’s Girls to name but two), a flurry of excitement around Riot Grrl music (thanks Kate Nash, high-fives for you!) and big brands like Nike and Always using ad campaigns to raise awareness and generally curb-kick misogynistic ‘meanies’. Magazines that 10 years ago were busy warping my tiny 14-year-old mind with fraught dissatisfaction are now rallying girls around campfires to talk serious sexual revolution – all be it a little basically. I can now slather my body in Dove Shower Cream and hear the tiny pellets of soap cry you are beautiful, just as you are! as I scrub muck out of my orifices on a Monday morning. Its like Jones’ Mark Darcy is now sold in a bottle.

But what would be better than it becoming hip-de-dip and super Shorditch would it eventually becoming normal.

I’m a terrible stickler for failing to live in the present. I get excited not only about what is happening now, but where this flurry of feathers – as hens everywhere leave the roost to disco dance on tables, get elected in to parliament and walk the night – will take us.

How long will the word feminist last us? And more importantly how do we keep hitting home to people what it actually means. My attitude to feminism is: the bigger the club, the better it will be, the more will get done, the sooner we can all call it a day and get to the pub!

So how do we recruit more people into our band of gender-bandits? Well, surely like everyone does in these end times: with some good new fashioned advertising…

Here are some I made earlier. And probably should have never made.





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