Fancy a night out?

Can’t lie – it feels surreal to be writing these words, but: FANCY A NIGHT OUT? In ACTUAL, REAL LIFE?

Everything seems to be going back to normal again, so QUICK! BEFORE SOMETHING ELSE AWFUL HAPPENS TO SCREW EVERYTHING UP – let’s get together, and spend the evening alternately raging about bullshit, and then cackling like witches. I’m imagining we might start the evening by communally decompressing from the last year – all lying face-down on the floor, and crying? Before going on to the best thing ever – laughing in a room full of people who are also laughing. Oh my God, the high. I feel dizzy thinking about it.

Here is when and where I will be celebrating More Than A Woman coming out in paperback. The tour would be longer, but tbh I pre-booked a week in Wales from the 16th July and they won’t give me the deposit back, so here we are.

Come join me in PUTTING ON ACTUAL CLOTHES, MEETING UP WITH FRIENDS, GETTING A DRINK FROM THE BAR, and discussing all the hot topics. Sex: it won’t happen unless you put it in the diary, and are fine about it “making the dog sad.” Ageing: you are heading towards your Hag Years, and I’m here to tell you THEY’RE GREAT. Feminism: what we need now is a Womens’ Union, fighting for us – while we’re busy, yet again, trying to remove a mad, stray lemon-pip from the rotor-arm of the dishwasher.

4th July – Bradford, St George’s Hall (w/Katy Wix)
7th July – Basingstoke, The Anvil (w/Lucy Mangan)
8th July – London, Southbank Centre (w/Georgia Pritchett)
9th July – Nottingham, Royal Concert Hall (w/Sandeep Mahal)
12th July – Newcastle, Newcastle Tyne Theatre (w/Grace Campbell)
13th July – Edinburgh, Edinburgh Festival Theatre (w/Gemma Cairney)

Info on how this all works / answers to most questions here.