Moranifesto: How to accept a compliment

Hello! This week’s vlog is about the importance of accepting COMPLIMENTS. Many of us seem to think that compliments are akin to some kind of conversational doughnut – that by accepting one, you will become somehow crazed on all that positivity sugar. But no! I’m here to tell you about the NUTRITIONAL BENEFITS of a compliment. And how if you take and enjoy them, they’ll allow you to jump a little higher, to reach for things that are a little beyond your normal reach.

I’ll reveal why we invented compliments. And why teenage girls – the generation that’s horrified by homophobia, transphobia, racism and which rages ceaselessly on behalf of others – need to stop the hate-in they so often turn on themselves. Saying cruel things about yourselves should be as unacceptable as saying cruel things about other people.
Because, my darlings, you don’t realise. That if you try not to dodge a compliment or drop it, if you only catch it, as you would a rounders ball out in the field, then you’ve not only won a point for you. You’ve won a point for OUR TEAM. And we will allapplaud you for it.

The idea of both the Moranifesto, and my YouTube channel is that it’s not just me talking about politics in an amusing and relaxed – although still revolutionary – manner. It’s all of us. I firmly believe that everyone has at least one idea that would make the world a better place and I want to hear those ideas, and get them out into the wider world. Together, we can upgrade this planet, in an organised and polite fashion. So – watch my vlogs, then email me your One Minute Manifesto to [email protected] – and the best ones will be featured on the channel.

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