Moranifesto: Meet Leena

Hello! As a special post-Bank Holiday treat, this week’s Moranifesto vlog is being taken over by the fabulous Leena from JustKissMyFrog and The Banging Book Club.

Ace things about this week’s vlog:
It’s in the form of a poem.
It’s shot in a wood.
It features totally ON POINT EYELINER – which, as I think we can all agree, is crucial for any and all kinds of revolution!

As she says, a manifesto isn’t a magic spell, but a promise to be better. And as we’re probably going to spend the rest of our lives here, let’s take Leena’s lead, and have a few ideas – just a few ideas – on how to make this country, the place we live, better.

I’d love to hear yours! Details on how to submit your #Moranifesto below.


The idea of both the Moranifesto, and my YouTube channel is that it’s not just me talking about politics in an amusing and relaxed – although still revolutionary – manner. It’s all of us. I firmly believe that everyone has at least one idea that would make the world a better place and I want to hear those ideas, and get them out into the wider world. Together, we can upgrade this planet, in an organised and polite fashion. So – watch my vlogs, then email me your One Minute Manifesto to – and the best ones will be featured on the channel.

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Want to hear more from Leena? Enjoy her post here: