More Page 3 – By guest blogger DONNA AMEY

Donna Amey, creator of blog Thoughts On Mainstream, writes about the need for more nakedness and asks, is scrapping Page 3 a good thing?

Page 3 is irritating for two reasons. Firstly, all the girls look exactly the same, with the exception to hair colour. Secondly, most readers are under the impression that they are the only people to understand the irony of ‘News in briefs’. Unfortunately it’s not one of those things that get funnier every time you hear it.

However, where else do we see naked people? Growing up, there are few places for young people to see real life nudity. Unless you have particularly liberal, naked loving parents, the ways you’re going to get a glimpse of what your body is about to transform into are pretending you’ve fallen asleep on the sofa then watching late night Channel Five, taking all the clothes off your Barbie, or communal changing room staring.

Of course the most realistic glimpse into your future is the changing room option, but unfortunately this can make people feel quite uncomfortable. Although these glasses could be useful, and also look pretty cool.
Late night Channel 5 unfortunately isn’t famed for representing real looking women either, you would be just as well looking at a particularly slim courgette lying next to two grapefruit.
As for Barbie, she wouldn’t actually be able to stand up if she was a real person and the closest thing to her actually looks pretty weird.

So is scrapping Page 3 a good thing? A regular place to see naked people can’t be a bad thing – especially as Brits are famously prudish about our bits (most of us don’t even use the right terminology; hence ‘bits’).
You only have to visit any naturist venue or gym changing room to find that people of all shapes and sizes not only like being naked, but will walk around naked for an uncomfortably long amount of time.
Surely it’s not only readers of The Sun who have an interest in breasts? Would it hurt The Lady readers to see the odd bottom, or for Horse and Hound subscribers to catch a glimpse of a normal looking ball sack every now and again?

The argument for The Sun’s Page 3 encouraging eating disorders and objectifying women seems largely to be because they all look exactly the same – and not what most young girls will eventually turn into.
Would removing the page and creating mystery around the human form actually help, or could we actually encourage healthier body images by having more designated nudity?
It’s not only flawless, barely-legal young girls who’ll stand in front of a camera in pants: there are both men and women of all shapes and sizes who will happily show off their wares. Why hide them away just because their bodies aren’t ‘perfect’.


  • give_me_cake

    The No More Page 3 campaign is just going along with Moran’s own rule of thumb though, isn’t it? ie. are men doing this? Are men worrying about this? Is this affecting men? Answer: no. Men aren’t naked in the papers, men’s self esteem isn’t harmed by these images, men aren’t victims of lad culture. OK then. According to Caitlin, No More Page 3 is doing it right. She never says in ‘How to be a Woman’ that the way to gender equality is to treat men in a sexist, objectifying way too…

  • Jess Hughes

    I’m a bit slow off the mark on this but I just wanted to say I agree with Donna. Teenage girls esspecially find nudity terrifying and younger girls have only a vague notion that it will probably at some point involve extra hair and lumps where there was previously flatness. Girls magazines have stick thin very young looking females and as a teenager I actually found nuts and zoo informative and liberating as things like ‘readers girlfriends’ did sometimes involve curvier girls who the boys found attractive. The women sending in those pictures were also obviously validated by the fact that the male mass market wished to see there nudity. I think the affecting men question should be – are men ashamed and terrified to be naked and of their own uncovered form? In general no. Then why are we? Why if we wear less clothes are we asking to get raped whereas they are just warm? More nudity of different sizes, ages and variety I think would help.