Riot Girls: How to Be a Woman | Episode 2

‘I am a strident feminist!’


‘Everything sounds better when you’re on a chair.’ Only a few years ago I was standing on a (slighty wobbly) chair at one of Caitlin’s talks with a few hundred people by my side, shouting ‘I am a feminist!’ You might have been there too, looking around and trying to figure out how it made you feel, just yelling into the universe.

In today’s episode of the dramatisation of How To Be a Woman Caitlin tells the story of how she discovered that she was a feminist, aged 15, and how she found out what it actually meant to be one in the first place.

Get your reading list ready, because Caitlin talks about the books that guided her in her mission to find feminist inspiration and a selection of smutty fiction. Of course sexy fiction chat is a quick gateway to discussing masturbation as the perfect hobby for a teenage girl (it’s free and it relaxes you), Han Solo sex dreams (very relatable), and the various benefits of rocking a full bush.

There’s still plenty of puberty to be tackled too, especially those bodily changes that just seem to, erm, pop up. Oh yes, it’s time to talk about pubic hair again. I’m still not quite over Clare Corbett, in the role of Caitlin’s mum, shouting very loudly about Caitlin’s ’newborn pubes’ in front of the whole family, while her siblings are giggling in the background.

So, check out a new episode of How To Be a Woman, with plenty of cringy anecdotes and two things I’m going to spend a bit of extra time thinking about today: ‘feminism is not a set of rules, but a set of tools’ and ‘without feminism you wouldn’t have the freedom to discuss feminism’.


Do you have a book or person who first taught you about feminism? Share your inspiration and reactions to today’s episodes below or online using #howtobeawoman.

Happy listening and until tomorrow.


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