Riot Girls: How to Be a Woman | Episode 3

‘Some sexism is happening at me.’


We meet up with Caitlin again, all grown up now (at the ripe old age of 18), in today’s episode of How To Be a Woman. She’s left Wolverhampton and has moved to the big city. You can only imagine the kind of adventures that await…

London is the place where she discovered sex and also, unfortunately, sexism. The experience becomes even more real when you hear the words spoken out loud in a scene from this dramatisation. How do you deal with trying to discover if you’ve got a sexist situation on your hands, while you’re still trying to figure out this whole being a woman thing? Fortunately Caitlin has come up with a quick guide for this too.

One of the things that really resonated with me the first time I read How To Be a Woman, a topic that features in this episode too, is the discussion on body image and the word fat. Especially when Caitlin mentions the feeling of being a ‘brain in a jar’ and how you sometimes can’t or don’t want to connect with your body. She covers everything from eating disorders and how to talk about them, to people’s use of the word fat as a weapon, and how to reconcile your brain with your body.

Have I mentioned Caitlin’s hilarious sister Caz yet? Always ready to swoop in with a sarcastic and maybe not so helpful piece of advice. Back to sharing desperate moments with the dog it is.


If you haven’t yet, listen to today’s episode here. Strap yourself in for an adventure this week!

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