The 10 Fundamental Differences Between Men and Women


Don’t get me wrong, feminism is excellent, I love it. Women should vote and men should wear snoods and everybody should earn the same and have the same amount of land (or maybe that’s Communism?). But equal is not the same as identical. And so whilst it’s wonderful that we live in a world where women can wee standing up (©She Pee 2012) and men can GHD without causing anyone to LOL, we must never lose sight of the fundamental differences between men and women.

Helpfully, I have listed them below.

1. 62% of women believe that Lee Latchford-Evans is the most talented member of the band Steps, compared to just 14% of men

2. Men think that an ipod is heavier when it is full of music.

3. Women find thin moustaches ‘a bit creepy’.

4. Men can tell the difference between a mole and a vole.

5. Women think that ‘Elton John’ is a euphemism.

6. Men think that it’s pointless when a barista puts a shape in the foam of a cappuccino. Women think it is ‘a bit of fun’.

7. Women think that you can clearly see the ghost of a young boy in Three Men and a Baby, men think that it is a cardboard cut out.

8. Men believe that Ross and Rachel were on a break.

9. Women sometimes think that when they use someone else’s pen, it retains their handwriting for a bit. Men know that this is silly.

10. Men always suspect Colonel Mustard in the popular family board games, Cluedo.

So whilst we embark on this brave new world, ignited by the flames of feminism , setting alight to the architecture of sexism and stereotyping, please just bear in mind that we are all equal but not identical.

We are equentical (© Katie Hall 2012).


6 responses to “The 10 Fundamental Differences Between Men and Women”

  1. Jess says:

    You are so right, Ross and Rachel were NOT on a break!

  2. Jojo says:

    Ooh they so *were* on a break! I would expand further but suddenly feel the urge to dash and shave off my laughably thin moustache*

    I don’t know about Lee from Steps but LaLa was the best dancer by far in the Teletubbies.

    *Phileas Fogg advert, 1986 in case your memory was stirring.

  3. Jo says:

    Totally agree – R & R not on on a break..however my husband loves the designs on his coffee – bt I think that is because I think he has a crush on the purple haired barista girl. Thin ‘staches = creepy and kinda pervy

  4. lucy says:

    Women have known how to urinate standing up since the 70s using their bare hands. You can spread your labia very tightly and push the stream out hard, I have perfected this technique it’s very feasable. Google it.

  5. futuregirl says:

    Katie, be honest, when you say “the fundamental differences between men and women” what you really mean is “the fundamental differences between me and my boyfriend/husband” isn’t it?

  6. younglady says:

    …..I think Ross and Rachel were on a break!!
    Women over the world, I’M SORRY! I have disgraced you!

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